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Your heart beats for innovation?

You believe your business idea

will change the game?

Convince the jury that you can

make a difference.

Apply under one of the following

categories and win € 2.000 per category:

  • Mobility

  • Energy & Environment

  • Health & Life Sciences

  • Special Societal Impact

  • Digital Economy & ICT

  • Space – space technology translated into everyday applications

Deadline: 28.02.2020

Jury Pitches & Award Ceremony: 07.04.2020

Event Location: Science Park Graz, Austria*

*Please note that Science Park Graz is not able to cover any costs  

(such as travel expenses) related to your participation in the competition.   

You will be notified mid-March on whether you have been shortlisted to pitch your idea to the jury in Graz.


Our Jury 2019

Our jury of experts will evaluate your ideas using the following  criteria: 

Degree of innovation, applicability, market potential and originality. 

Mag. Martin Mössle

Martin Mössler

MD Science Park Graz

Roswitha Wiedenhofer

Head of Division of Research Organisation and Services FH Joanneum

Frank M. Salzgeber

Head of ESAs Technology Transfer Programme Office

Dagmar Eigner-Stengg

Head of the Startup Center

 Steiermärkische Sparkasse

Arno F. Likar

Senior partner at LIKAR Lawyers and CEO HAI Smart

Equity GmbH

Roman Vilgut

Editor Economy  

Kleine Zeitung

Andreas Morianz

Deputy Head of Department for Economic and Tourism Development City of Graz

Christoph Adametz

Deputy Head of Research & Technology House TU Graz

Raffael Fritz

Managing Editor 

Red Bull Media House

Gudrun Haage

Office for Gender Equality and Equal Opportunity

TU Graz


Last year, all applicants were invited to the award ceremony on 4th April 2019, where the winners got announced.


We have summed up our terms and conditions for you in our FAQ section, where we answer the most frequently asked questions about our IDEA COMPETITION:

Is the idea competition meant for tech ideas only?

NO. We’re looking for innovative ideas in all areas – no limits are set to your entrepreneurial creativity and innovation power. You can submit your idea under one of six categories. If there is no perfect fit for your idea amongst these six, just choose the one that fits best.

Do I have to actually realise my idea in order to take part in the idea competition?

NO. As its name says, it is an idea competition, thus your idea is what matters most. We’d be delighted if you would also realise your idea by turning it into a business, however, this is not a criterion for your participation in the competition.

Can I also submit my idea, when I’ve already founded a company?

YES. You are free to take part in the competition and submit your idea, even when you’ve already founded a company. Your idea, however, should be a new one and not a product or service you’ve gone to market with already.

Will my idea be published?

NO. All involved in the competition are bound by a confidentiality agreement. This means that neither staff of Science Park Graz GmbH nor members of the jury are allowed to disclose any information on your idea.

In the course of the award ceremony and in all press coverage on the event, only information explicitly approved by the participants will be published. The entire information you have provided us with in the course of your application exclusively serves evaluation purposes. Any information to be published will be agreed with you upfront. Helping you protect your intellectual property is a top priority for us.

If you are not entirely sure about what information you can disclose without risking to lose the protection of your IP, we recommend getting in touch with the Austrian Patent Office (Österreichisches Patentamt). On their dedicated page, they have summed up their most important advice regarding the participation in idea competitions: https://www.patentamt.at/de/tipps-wettbewerbe/

Do I surrender any rights on my idea by taking part in the competition?

NO. Regardless of whether you are planning to turn your idea into a business or not, it remains entirely yours. You do not assign any rights on your idea and/or related intellectual property to Science Park Graz GmbH, the host of the competition, by taking part in it.

It is for you to decide how much information on your idea you want to share publicly. When taking that decision, make sure you are well-informed as to not jeopardise the protection of your intellectual property (IP).

To get expert advice on how to best protect your IP, we recommend getting in touch with the Austrian Patent Office (Österreichisches Patentamt): https://www.patentamt.at/kontakt/

Can I submit more than one idea?

YES. All participants are free to submit several ideas.

I haven’t found the answer to my question here – what now?

Smart minds never run out of questions. We’re happy to answer yours – just get in touch with us via info@sciencepark.at.

Will any costs such as travel expenses be covered by Science Park Graz, if I get shortlisted and invited to pitch in front of the jury on the 7th of April 2020 in Graz, Austria?

NO. Please note that Science Park Graz is not able to cover any costs such as travel expenses related to your participation in the competition. Shortlisted applicants will be invited to pitch in front of our jury on the 7th of April 2020 in Graz; please note that your physical presence will be required, remote participation is not possible. Any necessary travel arrangements and related costs are at the sole responsibility of the shortlisted applicant(s). Everybody taking part in the competition by submitting their idea will be invited to join us for the Award Ceremony event taking place on the 7th of April 2020 after the jury pitches. Event attendance is free of charge, however, any necessary travel arrangements and related costs are at the sole responsibility of the applicant(s).


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Mag. Martin Mössle, Sciece Park Graz